Lexus shows off World’s Most Advanced Driving Simulator

In the Toyota research campus in Higashifuji, Japan, lies, what Lexus claims to be, the world’s most advanced driving simulator.The unveiling forms part of their new ad campaign that highlights Lexus’ pursuit towards vehicle safety.

Inside the dome, which is a about 20 feet across and 15 feet tall, a real Lexus vehicle is mounted to a turntable, allowing drivers to test and experience actual vehicle controls. A high-definition imaging system provides a full 360-degree environment of roads around the vehicle. Drivers can see and hear traffic and the city around them, including receding scenery viewable in the side- and rear-view mirrors. The dome sits on a hexapod that facilitate rotate on all axis. Coupled with a full motion system on a area size of a football field, the simulator enables drivers to experience realistic drive motion up to 180 mph.

Dave Nordstrom, Lexus’s vice president of marketing, hints that some Lexus safety features have been inspired by the simulator, but he won’t reveal which ones. “We can do all kinds of simulation with people in a real vehicle without being on a real road,” he says. “We hope to minimize accidents in the future.”

“Simulator allows us to get repeatable results from a wide range of people so we get real data on how drivers behave behind the wheel” Paul Williamsen, National Manager of Lexus College. 

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